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6 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
3 Parking Spaces


114 W. Main is true college living! Located at the top of Main Street, this property is right next to Wonderland and the Deer Park. With both units combined, it is a 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit featuring two kitchens and a large front porch! The unit also features recently renovated flooring throughout (all luxury vinyl plank or refinished hardwood floors). This property does not have central air conditioning but window units are permitted. It also features 3 off street parking spaces.

This property can be rented in a variety of ways, depending on the size of the group. The unit does not come furnished. Tenant is responsible for electric, water, cable/internet and gas. 

Rent Breakdown (equates to roughly $650 per person) is as follows:

1st Floor - 2 BR, 1 BTH, 1 Parking Space: $1,300.00 per month

2nd Floor - 3 BR, 1 BTH, 2 Parking Spaces (3 People): $1,950.00 per month

2nd Floor - 3 BR, 1 BTH, 2 Parking Spaces (4 people): $2,275.00 per month

Combined - 6 BR, 2 BTH, 3 Parking Spaces: $3,900.00 per month 

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