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Whether your current housing situation doesn't have enough parking to accommodate you or you would just like a parking spot closer to a particular location, we offer parking in various locations through the University of Delaware campus. 

We are now renting for the 2023-2024 year at 249 E. Main Street, 528 Old Barksdale,

 and 167 W. Main Street lots.

Please EMAIL to inquire about parking and reserve your spot today!


Parking spots rent for $1140 for the full term through May 31, 2024 and must be paid for in full at the beginning of the term agreement.

Semesterly rates available in some lots at $500/semester.

We currently have parking availability at :

249 E. Main Street: AVAILABLE 

178 South Main Street: FILLED 

528 Old Barksdale Road: AVAILABLE

167 W. Main Street: AVAILABLE

To learn more about our parking agreements, reserve a spot, or find out more information, please email us at with the subject heading 'Parking'

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