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4 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
3 Parking Spots per Unit 


Located at 82 E. Cleveland Avenue, the Hadley Mill complex consists of 9 townhouses, each complete with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. These units are located directly off East Cleveland Avenue, near Herman's Meat Market and Wilbur Street. Each townhouse is 3 stories tall, complete with private deck and 3 parking spots.


On the first floor, the front door opens into the living room and galley kitchen, complete with black appliances and hardwood floors. Beyond the kitchen is one room (sometimes used as a study or dining room) and one full bathroom.


Moving up to the second floor, there is one full bathroom, as well as, two bedrooms. Each room has at least one window and is carpeted.


Up on the third floor, there are again two more bedrooms and one full bathroom. Each bedroom on the third floor is also carpeted and has at least one window.

The units host numerous safety features including hard wired smoke detectors, fire sprinkler system, and an alarm system. All are wired for cable and internet and feature low flow water-saving fixture and energy efficient gas, heat and central air systems. These units also have Super-E insulation, allowing for better insulation within the unit.

Rent is $3,080.00 per month ($770/person/month if split evenly) and does not include utilities. Units are not furnished.

Hadley Mill is located at 82 E. Cleveland Avenue, right across from the Cleveland Avenue Townhouses'

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