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4 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Off Street Parking


Charming house with a lovely front porch right in the middle of it all, one block from campus! This property technically rents as a top floor and a bottom floor but more often than not, it is rented by a group of 4 who all know each other. On the first floor, you open the front door directly into the living room and continue straight back into the kitchen. To the right is a front bedroom and a back bedroom with a full bathroom in between. Continuing upstairs, there is another small, functional kitchen with a full bathroom and again, a front and back bedroom. 

31 Continental does not have central air conditioning but window units are permitted at the expense of the Tenant.

Rent is $2,800.00 per month for 4 people. Utilities are not included. Units do not come furnished.

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